The bottle is made of > 97% sugarcane and 3% LDPE (low density polyethylene).
The > 0.1% ink of the print consist of UV ink LH-100 that has the Green Guard gold certificate (http;//greenguard.org).
The lid is made of bamboo.

The bottle is recyclable with normal plastic.

The bamboo and sugercane are responsibly farmed and renewable, and we have visited the farms personally. By purchasing this product you actively help to reduce single use plastic bottles and to reduce CO2 pollution.

The Natural Bottle is assembled in a social workplace in the Netherlands. The development of the bottle is guided by the impact Hub Amsterdam. Impact Hub is an international collective of impactmakers, they support entrepreneurial initiatives for a better world.

For optimal recycling, remove lid and recycle the bio-based bottle with regular plastic.

No, the bottle should be recycled along with regular plastics.

The bottle is. The lid must be wwashed by hand.

The sugarcane is responsibly farmed and harvested in Brazil by the company Braskem (braskem.com).

The lid is made from bamboo that is grown in the 30K hectare ‘’Bamboo ocean’’ in Anji, China that we have personally visited. The raw materials are grown in the places where they can grow best and are compactly shipped to the Netherlands to prevent unnecessary volume-shipment from overseas.

The bottles are produced in Germany, and assembled in the Netherlands.

The Natural Bottle holds 500ml of any cold drink you wish.

Indefinitly, if you treat it nicely.

The factories from the bottle, the inner lid and outerlid are SEDEX accredited.

We live in a world that is warming up and where over a 1.000.000 plastic bottles are being consumed per minute.

This has an enormous impact on the condition of the planet.

We now live in a world were it’s possible to:

  • Reduce plastic by using re-usable water bottles.
  • Cool down the planet by reducing CO2 emission with products made from renewable natural resources.

The following conditions apply:

  • 4,95 euro, free shipping from 40 euro: Netherlands
  • 8,50 euro, free shipping from 60 euro:  Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland, Austria, Poland
  • 10 euro, free shipping from 60 euro: Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden
  • 15 euro, free shipping from 60 euro: Greece, Croatia
  • 20 euro, free shipping from 80 euro: Norway, Switzerland
  • 20 euro, free shipping from 80 euro (shipping by UPS): All other countries

We offer a 2-year warranty, you can find our warranty policy here.
If you have any questions about the warranty of your product, please email us at info@natural-bottle.co.

There are plenty of options for doing business with us. Please email your proposal to info@natural-bottle.co. We will respond to your message as quickly as possible.

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