Our story

After traveling around the world, Sjoerd Bos found himself at a Chinese factory located in an industrial area as large as the Netherlands.
The products made in this factory were depleting the Earth’s resources. It was this experience that led to Sjoerd’s mission for change: to develop the world's most natural, re-usable water bottle.


But how to start selling this unique, sustainable water bottle? How to bring it to market? Of course, that’s often the hardest part. And not the most fun, either. But luckily for Sjoerd, he came across Interall Group. This company had been producing and selling a whole host of promotional products for years – and over the last year, a lot more sustainable products, too. Products made from orange peel, coffee grounds, old clothes, recycled plastic bottles, elephant poo (yes, really!), bamboo… and even sugar cane. It must’ve been fate: Interall started making the Natural Bottle from sugar cane and bamboo.

The bottle has already been highly successful in the promotional sector, so Sjoerd and Maurice (owner of Interall Group) had an idea: to start selling the bottles direct to consumers, too. Not too expensive – just a tenner a bottle. Of course, the bottles also needed to be personalised – so why not on the cap? Done and done: a name or personal text can be engraved on each bottle cap.

Cheers to the Natural Bottle!

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